God willing, we are in for another exciting Texas Youth Conference! We are in for some good studies this year! This year, God willing, we will be looking at Abraham and Lot, focusing on the life of Lot. At the end of TYC, we want people to go home better prepared living in this world today, especially staying strong in faith in these last days.

Topic: Life of Lot
Speaker: Bro. Stephen Macfarlane of the Book Road Ecclesia in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada)
Dates: December 30, 2017 to January 6, 2018, God willing


You will find everything that you need on the website. If there is something that you feel needs to be added, feel free to contact us on the contact page. You will find a page to submit your flight information when the time comes to booking your flights.

This year, the committee is: Bro. Daniel Beutel, Bro. Nate Daniels, Bro. Ranon Hefner, Bro. Kainon Irons, Bro. Justin Reich, and Bro. Alex Cervantes.